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Here you will find the latest news from the shooting target world.
Krüger Champions for Tokyo - Posters in the Online Shop
We are very pleased that all active German athletes supported by Krüger have made their way to the Olympic Games in Tokyo.
In addition to the pistol shooters Christian Reitz and Monika Karsch, our archery dream couple Lisa and Florian Unruh have just been nominated for Tokyo.
We keep our fingers crossed for all athletes of the German team and hope for their success.
If you want to support Lisa & Florian, you can find their fan poster (70 x 50 cm) in our online shop.
Our new shop is launched!
Have you already visited our new online shop? From now on, you can place your orders in our shop conveniently and from anywhere.
No matter when and no matter where, you can browse through all the items at your leisure and easily check the availability of your desired item.
Once you have placed your order, it will be shipped as quickly as possible.
And this is how registration works:

1. simply register with your existing e-mail address
2. request your password and then change it to your desired password

Now you can start shopping.
Have fun browsing.
DFBV/IFAA archery target faces new at Krüger
After many years of cooperation in printing, Krüger is now also responsible for the distribution of the animal and competition archery target faces of the German Field Archery Association (DFBV), which also comply with the rules of the International Field Archery Association (IFAA).

The DFBV management with President Jürgen Bauer, Vice President Ralf Spickenbaum and Sports Director Bernd Hollnagel are pleased about the cooperation with Krüger, which ensures the supply of the DFBV's competition and animal faces for the future.
The general catalogue 2020 is online
You can now find our general catalogue 2020 with price list on our website. Take a look at the download section of our website and click on General Catalogue. You can easily save the PDF file on your computer, view it directly or print it out.


Competitions and trade fairs with Krüger information and sales stand.
Event dates without guarantee - We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
13.01.-15.01.2023 AUGSBOW Archery Fair (Augsburg/Germany)
24.01.-29.01.2023 H&N Cup - International Competition 10m (Munich/Germany)
09.02.-12.02.2023 Bavarian Championship Archery Indoor (Munich/Germany)
25.02.2023 Bundesliga Final Archery (Wiesbaden/Germany)
02.03.-05.03.2023 International Weapons Exhibition IWA - trade visitors only! (Nuremberg/Germany)
17.03.-19.03.2023 Bavarian Championship Archery Indoor (Munich/Germany)
06.06.-12.06.2022 European Championship Archery FITA (Munich/Germany)
06.07.-09.07.2023 Bavarian Championships Rifle/Pistol (Munich/Germany)
22.07.-23.07.2023 German Championship Muzzleloader (Hanover/Germany)
01.08.-06.08.2023 World Championships Archery FITA (Berlin/Germany)
17.08.-27.08.2023 German Championship Rifle/Pistol (Munich/Germany)
08.09.-10.09.2023 German Championship Archery FITA (Wiesbaden/Germany)
05.10.-09.10.2022 German Championship Small Bore and Air Pistol Resting (Hanover/Germany)
11.11.-12.11.2023 PaderBow Archery Fair (Paderborn/Germany)
15.12.-17.12.2023 Berlin Open Archery (Berlin/Germany)
23.01.-28.01.2024 H&N Cup - International 10m Competition (Munich/Germany)
03.02.-04.02.2024 Bundesliga Final LG/LP (Neu-Ulm/Germany) 08.02.-11.02.2024 Bavarian Championships Archery Indoor (Munich/Germany) 24.02.2024 Bundesliga Final Archery (Wiesbaden/Germany) 29.02.-03.03.2024 International Weapons Exhibition IWA - professionals only! (Nuremberg/Germany)

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