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Krüger shooting targets are produced with the most modern technical machines. The best shot properties of the special target cardboard and the highest precision in printing guarantee you a consistently high standard of quality that meets all the requirements of sport shooting, even in detail. Using special printing inks, we achieve a deep black and non-reflective target image that shows all contours accurately and with sharp edges. The particular quality of the machine-smoothed special cardboard made of short-fibre raw material prevents bullet holes from showing ragged edges. This effectively supports fast evaluation with all popular evaluation systems.The manufactured targets are delivered to you welded in special foils so that the targets are always reliably protected from humidity. Ongoing strict quality controls ensure that the Krüger quality, which has been known for decades, continues to be the trademark of a globally renowned and competent manufacturer and supplier. Krüger-Druck is certified according to Process Standard Offset with ISO 12647 as well as FSC and PEFC. This has confirmed our own high quality standards.

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